Website Management

Business owners are busy people, we know that and our website management packages are just for you. The internet moves quickly and websites that are not managed or maintained become outdated and many get hacked, causing serious damage to a business’s image and frustration to the business owner. Most of our clients don’t have the time to manage their own online presence and it is far too costly for a small business to employ someone full-time to manage it for them. We have designed our packages with you in mind. Our website management monthly reporting will tell you at a glance how your website is doing so that you can do what you do… run your business.

Website Management Packages Overview

All Website Management packages come with a Free Business Website worth R3,999.00. They also include domain registration and hosting which is worth R1,308.00 over 12 months. That is a value of R5,307.00 over 12 months or R442 per month… Free. A once-off setup fee of R2,499 applies to all managed packages.

All website management packages are on a 12-month contract. Once the contract is complete you can continue on a month-to-month basis or cancel the service with a 30-day written cancellation.


WordPress updates their core script regularly and the plugins and themes are updated even more often. These updates improve security and performance and are the first step in protecting your website. We make sure that your website is kept up to date on a weekly basis.


There is a lot that can be done to improve the security of your website and all the valuable information that is stored on it. However, there is alway a chance that a website could be hacked and defaced. Viruses or malware on your own computer could send access information to a would-be hacker. Although our servers are well protected an out of date website that is sharing the server that you are on could be hacked which may give the hacker access to other websites on that server. So until something is done about these criminals, we do backups.

We make backups of our on a monthly basis so that there are multiple restore points. So even if something goes wrong, like a corrupt file that breaks your website, we can have it restored and working for you quickly.

Check the availability of a domain name. Enter the full domain eg.

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Comment Management

Having people comment on your blog articles or pages is good for your search engine optimisation (SEO). But having spam comments selling dodgy products and/or containing links to malware website will negatively affect the performance of your website and endanger your website visitors. We monitor your comments, block spam and remove spam comments completely to ensure that your website is performing the way it should.

Performance Scanning

The performance of your website is important for SEO. The monthly performance scan on our website management packages checks your Pagespeed (a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm), page size and loading times.

Security Scanning

We scan your website monthly to check that it is malware free and safe for browsing. We also check that your website is not blacklisted.

Reporting (Additional)

All website Management packages include comprehensive monthly report detailing all of the activities that we have carried out on your website including the results of all scanning and monitoring that we do.

Traffic Analytics (Additional)

Traffic is important for SEO. Using Google’s powerful analytics reporting tool we track the amount of traffic to your website, where the traffic is coming from, the number of page views and the percentage of people that only viewed one page (bounce rate). This will assist in making decisions on your content and marketing activities.

Uptime Monitoring (Business Advanced Package)

Our Server Administrators are very good at their jobs and we generally stick to at least 99.9% uptime. We report on this monthly so that you know what your uptime is and so do we.

Keyword Tracking (Additional)

We track the movement of up to 3 of your keywords in the Google rankings so that you can see the performance of your keywords and make corrections where necessary to keep ahead of your competition. Because more than 80% of searches are performed through Google we are not too concerned with other search engines.

Business Essentials Website Management
per month
Once-Off Setup Fee – R2499

  • Free Website (5 Page Business Website)
  • Domain Registration & Annual Renewals
  • Monthly Website Hosting
  • Weekly Website WordPress Core, Themes and Plugin Updates
  • Monthly Backups
  • Comment Management and Optimisation
  • Performance Scanning
  • Security Scanning
  • 1 Free Content Management Requests per month

Content Management

Our content management requests allow you to add content to your website without having to do it yourself. Content Management is discounted for our Website Management clients.

A single content management request could cover the following:

Add a new page
Create the page
Adding page name and text content
Formatting text and headings
Adding up to 2 images
Compressing and resizing the images
Basic SEO (keyword density, keyword placement and image tagging)
Publishing the page
Adding the page to the menu

Add an Article to your Blog
Create the Article
Adding the title and text content
Formatting text and headings
Adding up to 2 images
Compressing and resizing the images
Basic SEO (keyword density, keyword placement and image tagging)
Publishing the page
Adding the page to the menu

Add Images to a Photo Gallery
Up to 15 Images per request
Compressing and resizing images
Tagging all images
Adding images to a gallery or creating a new gallery
Publishing the gallery

Adding Products to an E-commerce Store
2 products per request
1 featured image per product (compressed and tagged)
Adding new product categories if necessary
Adding and formatting Product names and descriptions
Adding product pricing and initial stock levels as needed

The normal cost for a Content management request is R350. With website management, you have 1 free requests per month but if you require more they will be charged at only R350 per request.